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About This Site

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Hi. I’m Mark. I have a background in IT support and education.

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Blog ➤ January 29, 2023

Goodbye Meta and Mastodon!

It has been a week since I posted Another social media detox and I have reflected on the changes made to have a healthier time online. I split the fourteen social media platforms I interacted…

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Blog ➤ January 21, 2023

Another social media detox

During my weekend social media blackout, which is a new routine of mine, I realised I have over thirteen social media accounts. I can’t sustain this about of interaction and engagement. I have decided to…

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Blog ➤ January 15, 2023

A Minimalist Weekend with no social media

I have made an intentional effort to spend more time in the present. During the week, I think about all the things I need to do or want to do at the weekend, only to find I run out of time. I completed the usual father duties I repeat each weekend, but I had time to organise the area of my life that needed my attention – my home!

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Journal ➤ January 6, 2023

A Walk in the Park

The first week of work is over, and I was lucky enough to end it with a walk in a local park. As part of my mindful journey, I make sure I get the steps…

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Journal ➤ January 5, 2023

Evernote is getting better

Evernote updated its app to include backlinks. It is not exactly perfect because you have to click/tap on the three dots in the corner of the screen to access theme.

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