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About This Site

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Hi. I’m Mark. I have a background in IT support and education.

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View my personal blog. Content includes minimalism, digital minimalism and productivity.

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Blog ➤ May 28, 2023

Blog update – June 2023

I haven’t written anything in a while on my blog. I haven’t stopped writing in the background. I am on the last stretch of my college course called Understanding Coding and it is intense with…

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Reviews ➤ February 19, 2023

Using Twos App: First Impressions

This is my first impression of the Twos App. Twos is an app and website that helps you simply remember *things* Twos combines your notes, calendar, to-dos, reminders, lists, and journal in one quick and easy place.

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Blog ➤ January 29, 2023

Goodbye Meta and Mastodon!

It has been a week since I posted Another social media detox and I have reflected on the changes made to have a healthier time online. I split the fourteen social media platforms I interacted…

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