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A new site, a new approach

January 29, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

In touch with my philosophy of keeping things minimal, I thought I would start afresh. Clear the old Wordpress site and adopt a more minimalistic flat-file CMS site. I like Wordpress and what it has done for the blogging community but I feel it is also bloated and overwhelming. I came across BluditCMS and it is simple enough to work out.

I go by the name minimlr (yes - that is a lowercase pronoun). It is a play on words and interests. Before I saw the light so to speak, I spent everyday bombarded with information, busy schedules, endless apps and finally...complete burnout. This made me reflect on what was important in life. At the same time, I randomly stumbled across a documentary movie called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things <link>. I was blown away with how insightful it was and it made me realise I was prioritising trivial 'things'. I logged out of all my social media accounts for 30 days while I collected my thoughts. It was an exhilarating experience to observe what was actually happening around me. An hour wasted on Facebook was replaced with a scenic walk with my family. Endless hours of work was replaced with a strict schedule of 'me time'. And finally, time to build a better me was put into motion.

Creating a blog was on the list of things I would like to accomplish. So here I am! Instead of one day... I am actually putting my thoughts into actions. I am in the process of completing my about page but a quick introduction wouldn't hurt.

I hide behind the name minimlr (minimal-er) to reflect my interest in minimalism as well as digital minimalism. I have fifteen years in the tech industry and five years in the teaching sector. With a marriage of the two, I have a particular interested in tech within education. I try to be technology agnostic as much as I can. This means I actually own a collection of devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, Manjaro Linux laptop and a Chromebook. Most recently, I have spent quite some time looking at open source software and Linux distros. The dream would be to go completely Linux but I am well aware that it is not ready for the tasks I have to complete within education...yet.

I am also a family guy so marriage and a child keep me busy. Everything I do has to add value to me but more importantly to my family. I try to sell the whole minimalism game to my wife and son but I guess what they find value in is different to what I find value in. 

Hopefully, the plan is to post something each week. Possibly more than once a week? 

Also, please check out my where I post interests and links.

Thanks :)



I am a tech enthusiast working in the education sector. I have a particular interest in minimalism. I enjoy using FOSS applications and operating systems everyday but I like to be as OS/software agnostic as possible, which means I dabble in proprietary options too.