Apple Maps drove me round the bend (literally)

February 6, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

It's been a few days since posting on here. Life has been busy and work has been exhausting. This week, I discovered how bad Apple Maps actually is to use as a Sat Nav. On two occasions in the past four days I have had to rely on Apple maps on my iPhone to find locations unfamiliar to me. 

Let me just say I am not impressed with how the mapping service tried to send me down a one way street and for suggesting to me to make a U-turn (multiple times) on a busy road close to Manchester United FC in Stretford, England. 

When I was on my old trusted Nokia Android phone, I used Here (we go) Sat Nav app to get me from A to B seamlessly. I completely forgot about installing it on my iPhone. I won't forget now after my recent experiences. I wonder how many people actually make the u-turn from the given advice of Apple Maps? 

Also, the way some streets and letters are pronounced during the trip puzzled me. Manchester's famous Red Devils can be travelled to by a road called the A56. It is pronounced yea 56 (insert strong Yorkshire accent 'ere) on the app. Another issue I've had with Apple Maps is the GPS not catching up with where I am so the turnings have been missed on several occasions. Annoying. Oh well.

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