I am a Primary qualified teacher (QTS) with a background in IT support, services and network admin. I have worked in the education sector for seventeen years, whether that was supporting IT provision in schools or teaching primary age pupils. At present, I work as a HLTA in a SEMH school setting with additional responsibility to look after the school’s website. On top of that, I run one to one interventions for children with specific learning needs.

Behind the name

The name Minimlr comes from a certain need to minimalise the information we consume each day. Being someone who discovered the term ‘minimalism’ in 2017, I have come to understand a life without unnecessary/unwanted distractions has many mental and health benefits. Pronounced mini-mal-er, the name sets out the goal to strip back the clutter in learning so children can focus on the basics (building blocks) in order to have a solid foundation in learning. Today’s education system is overwhelming to many and I believe minimalising the content, as well as simplifying it, helps a child grasp the basic understanding to allow them to develop greater depth into what they are learning.


I like to keep busy and partake in activities that keep the mind healthy. At the moment, I am into cycling, cross training, guided meditation, learning about GTD (Getting Things Done) and drawing.

With my interest in Computing, I am always looking at the next new thing in the IT world. In particular, anything to do with productivity software and organisation tools always captures my interest (I like to know what I am doing next). I’m sure at some point I will create tutorial videos for the software I use because they really do add value to my life and I am sure they would to others.