One month of using Manjaro KDE

February 20, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

It has been a month since I exclusively started using Manjaro KDE as my daily driver. Although hindered by my low performing laptop (Intel i3 3rd gen), the experience and responsiveness has been a welcoming change. Even with all the fancy widgets, translucency and software extras, I have noticed how well the operating system responds to my workflow.

I have tried other Linux distros on another, better performing PC than my current laptop but Manjaro KDE is now becoming my preferred distro of choice. I am particularly pleased with how Manjaro looks and the functionality on offer. It is also good to see theme consistency between applications as this was a sticking point for me on other distros. LibreOffice comes to mind. ZorinOS has a visually pleasing desktop environment. However, in dark mode, I could barely see the icons in LibreOffice. Manjaro KDE on the other hand, clearly presents dark mode in a clear, sensible fashion. I get white on dark instead of dark on darker (ZorinOS is not alone here). 

Also, the inclusive of hardware and battery management tools have helped my aging laptop lasts relatively longer than when it had Windows 10 installed. It is now safe to watch a video or play Minecraft without significantly draining my battery. I have more confidence to take my laptop out with me without the laptop charger because I know I will get at least three hours of constant use. It’s not exactly Chromebook performance but I can confidently state my laptop lasts longer. Another noticeable difference has to do with my internal fan. Windows 10 made sure my fan kicked in with even the smallest of tasks like having the Brave browser open. Garuda ‘Dr460nized’ Linux, Mint Linux, Ubuntu Budgie, Pop!_OS, Endeavour OS (Budgie/Gnome) and Solus did the same. Manjaro KDE very rarely uses the fan. As I type this blog out on LibreOffice Writer and have Brave browser steaming my favourite Lofi tunes through Youtube, I am using 1.2GB memory and only 77 processes in the background – with no fan noise. This is huge for me.

I can image the experience of using Manjaro KDE would be better on a more modern laptop. A newer laptop with better GPU, colour accuracy and brightness is what I am desperate to try because the colours on my current HP 250 gen 1 laptop leave much to be desired, especially when using GIMP or watching a video. 

Overall, I am loving the experience of using Linux exclusively for personal use. It is very much my daily driver and I can’t see myself switching back to Windows any time soon or possibly ever. A huge thank you and congratulations to the community at Manjaro for making such a great Linux distro possible. I never would have thought about using Arch as all my previous experience with Linux was Debian based.


I am a tech enthusiast working in the education sector. I have a particular interest in minimalism. I enjoy using FOSS applications and operating systems everyday but I like to be as OS/software agnostic as possible, which means I dabble in proprietary options too.