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WhatsApp has finally been deleted!

January 31, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

After much debate and discussion with friends, family and internet folk, I have finally decided to delete WhatsApp. Facebook, FB messenger and Instagram went ages ago (technically 90 days) but I kept hold of WhatsApp due to others not willing to migrate to other services such as Signal messenger. It was about time I stuck to my own principles. So I deleted the messaging service I have used for years due to the overwhelming evidence Facebook were not going to respect user's data.

To be honest, Facebook is one company I can't stand. Mark Zuckerberg is not the most trustworthy of people and with scandals like Cambridge Analytica staining FB's reputation, I refuse to allow his manipulation to continue. In fact, I have spent sometime researching everything I could on blocking Facebook (network) from collecting data on me. It is much harder than it looks. 

When the announcement came out that users of WhatsApp would have to agree to the new terms and conditions or face deletion by 8th February 2021, I knew then it was time to go. WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook seems suspicious to me, especially when I have zero trust in Facebook and cronies. They have finally made a U-turn (for now) but I assume this is damage control as millions of users found alternative services elsewhere. 

Luckily, apps such as Signal messenger have been thrusted into the spotlight. I am happy for them. It is the only messaging app I feel comfortable using at the moment. I don't even trust standard SMS or iMessage right now. I have now been able to convince six of my closest friends to switch to Signal. 

My mind is already more settled knowing I have one less stalker app on my phone. I try to keep my phone apps to a minimum anyway but getting rid of 'privacy reckless' services is always a bonus.

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