Why can't I find you on WhatsApp?

February 1, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

One day. It only took one day! I thought it would take longer but I received a 'standard text' from a close one to ask why can't I find you on WhatsApp? My answer was short - I don't have WhatsApp anymore. Moments later, a quick but short follow up message explained my reason for leaving and how I am still contactable via iMessage and email (less desirable method) if they want to send an image. 

There's no point being virtuous about it all. Everyone has their reasons for their decisions. I'm not in the game to lecture people why they should or shouldn't use a specific service. I think the shock of me not being on WhatsApp highlights the how much we take communication for granted. For my non-techie family and friends, being accessible via mainstream social media platforms is a given. An expectation. Maybe I am the crazy one. The tin-foil hat wearing paranoid type?

Regardless of WhatsApp's owners and the privacy concerns, the service and features of WhatsApp are great. The app helped shape the landscape when a certain fruit themed was stealing the show. WhatsApp allowed users from both smartphone camps to communicate without the OS politics getting in the way. I think this is why I like Signal. It uses Open Whisper System and the Signal Foundation have slowly built up its fan base (the fanbase has somewhat grown quicker in the past month). I'm sure Signal messenger will eventually build its own suite of features to make it stand out from the rest.

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